Government Contracts and Concessions

From the first public utilities concessions granted by the Government of Panama during the early years of the Republic to the most recent public contracts, Arias, Fábrega & Fábrega has assisted leading multinational and Panamanian companies in their affairs with the Government of Panama.

ARIFA represents clients in transactions ranging from simple government supply contracts to complex concession agreements and public contracts.

Our representation extends to clients with business interests and operations in the petroleum storage, in transportation and refining industry, in port operations, in telecommunications, in power generation and distribution, in toll-roads, in mining, and in other public works.

With deep broad-based experience in privatizations, government concessions, public contracts and administrative law, ARIFA has one of the most active infrastructure finance practices in Panama. We have structured the financing of the largest hydroelectric plants, as well as all toll-road concessions and metro lines.

Representative Clients

Suez Energy, ENEL, Pedregal Power Company, Bechtel Corporation, Chevron Corporation.

Representative Transactions