Estates and Private Clients

ARIFA legal team works with clients in Panama and around the world in all aspects of their personal and family affairs, including, estate planning; creation and administration of personal holding companies, foundations and trusts; structuring closely-held corporations; family offices; business transitions; personal tax planning; and charitable activities.

Lawyers in this area coordinate with experts in the ARIFA Corporate Services Practice Group to set up companies, foundations and trusts in Panama, the British Virgin Islands, Belize and other jurisdictions to meet client needs, as well as with experts in its affiliate SwissARIFA to provide trustee services to selected high net worth clients. The firm has developed a network of lawyers around the world with whom it works closely in creating the appropriate estate, tax and asset protection structures required by clients.

ARIFA lawyers in the area of family law provide support to clients in subjects such as pre-nuptial agreements, marital property rights, forced heirship rules and spouse support, particularly in the context of estate and family planning.