Intellectual Property

Arias, Fábrega & Fábrega offers IP clients a full range of legal services, including IP registration, IP infringement prosecution, copyright and IP licensing.

With a team of some 16 IP experts – including lawyers and highly trained personnel – ARIFA is consistently ranked among the top three law firms in the country in number of applications filed and registered with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. 

Through a well-established network of corresponding IP firms, ARIFA coordinates registration of trademarks and other intellectual property rights around the world, particularly in Latin America.

Health Registrations

Having developed a broad experience working as an internal legal advisor in the Ministry of Health of Panama from 2012 to 2015, Melissa I. Del Busto facilitates the procedure for obtaining health records.

Throughout the years, the firm has been actively involved in ongoing projects to modernize IP legislation.

ARIFA IP lawyers have participated in roundtable discussions convened either by the Panamanian Ministry of Commerce or the Panamanian Association of Intellectual Property (APADEPI), in updating major pieces of IP laws and regulations. ARIFA lawyers have been instrumental in drafting key IP-related legislation as members of the Panamanian advisory commission with the Chapter on Intellectual Property of US-Panama free trade agreement (PAFTA). ARIFA partners have also served as members of the drafting commission whereby Panama Industrial Property Law is regulated. Further, they have been members of the drafting commission that adopted provisions on Industrial Property.