Regulatory Work

To better serve the needs of clients affected by a myriad of highly-technical, industry-specific and ever increasing business regulations, Arias, Fábrega & Fábrega established its regulatory work practice group.

A team integrated by expert lawyers whose primary responsibility is to advise clients on non-financial regulatory matters. ARIFA lawyers in this practice group are widely recognized by clients for their in-depth knowledge of the laws affecting regulated industries and for their experience and skills in dealing with regulatory agencies.

ARIFA's regulatory work practice group covers such areas of law as: antitrust, trade and competition; media and communications; environmental law; regulation of public utilities; and mining, oil and gas.

In these practice areas, lawyers frequently assist clients in connection with the interpretation of laws and regulations; preparation of legal compliance programmes; the representation of clients before regulatory agencies; monitoring legislative and regulatory proposals pending approval before the National Assembly or regulatory agencies; securing governmental consents and licenses; preparation of environmental assessments; negotiation and drafting of concession agreements; sale and acquisition of regulated business; financing of regulated businesses; drafting commercial contracts for use by regulated businesses; government investigations and claims by regulatory agencies; prosecution and defense of consumer complaints; and specialized litigation affecting regulated businesses.