Omnibus amendment to the AES Changuinola credit facility

Arias, Fábrega & Fábrega acted as counsel to Banco General, S.A. (in its role of Administrative Agent) in connection with the Omnibus Amendment dated May 17, 2010 entered into by and between AES Changuinola, S.A. as borrower, the Administrative Agent and a number of lenders parties identified thereto pursuant to which (i) the US$366,000,000 Credit Agreement dated March 30, 2007 entered into by and between certain lenders parties, the Administrative Agent and the borrower was amended to, among other things, increase the size of the facility to cover cost overruns; (ii) the equity contribution agreement signed in connection with the original facility was amended; and (iii) the trust and real property mortgage deed securing the original financing was also amended so that it secures the new facility amount.

This transaction represents one of the largest facilities ever granted to a local borrower. The project financed through the facility will represent a significant expansion of the power generation capacity of the country.