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Corporate Social Responsability

The CSR Committee evaluates the various local and international causes the firm embraces, as well as the progress and growth of what has become its main program: changing the lives and future of some 450 children studying at the Harmodio Arias Madrid elementary school in Capira, a rural area outside Panama City.

The program promotes values and high quality learning experiences, better infrastructure and the improvement of sanitary conditions.

Some CSR causes

The House of Ronald McDonald in Panama, Teleton 20-30, Harmodio Arias Madrid public elementary school, Ciudad del Niño, ARIFA annual blood donation program, Santa María la Antigua University and Federación Interamericana de Asociaciones de Gestión Humana (FIDAGH), among others. 

Energy Saving and Recycling: ARIFA's Commitment to the Environment. 
In 2016, the firm moved its headquarters to a Pre-certified LEED Silver – pro environmental building.

ARIFA has also established a Waste Management Program in alliance with Kimberly Clark and its "Aliados de la Tierra" recycling program, for the recycling of paper, tetra pack, plastic, and aluminum.

Would you like to be considered as a CSR project?

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