Arias, Fábrega & Fábrega traces its origins back to 1893, when Dr. Julio J. Fábrega started his legal practice in Panama City. The firm as we know it today, dates back to 1914 when Dr. Julio J. Fábrega and Dr. Harmodio Arias M. first became associated in a partnership called Fábrega & Arias.

Fábrega & Arias partnership continued until 1932 when Dr. Harmodio Arias M. withdrew from the firm to serve as the 10th President of Panama, and Dr. Octavio Fábrega became a partner, changing the firm’s name to Fábrega & Fábrega.

In 1936 Dr. Harmodio Arias M. completed his term as President and returned to the firm. The senior partner at the time, Dr. Julio J. Fábrega, stated that for reasons of protocol the name should be changed to Arias, Fábrega & Fábrega, and the name has remained ever since.

Dr. Julio J. Fábrega studied law in the Republic of Colombia at the end of the Nineteenth Century. Dr. Harmodio Arias M. was a graduate of the University of Cambridge and the London School of Economics. Dr. Octavio Fábrega graduated from Harvard Law School (L.L.B.) and Georgetown Law School (S.J.D.).

The three ARIFA founders and subsequent partners have held numerous posts as public servants. 

100 years after its foundation, ARIFA carries on the tradition passing down the believes and solid values established by its founders, to a legal team committed to serving the interests of their clients with the highest professional standards and practical, cost-effective solutions.

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Julio José Fábrega begins his legal private practice
Julio José Fábrega Arosemena, founder partner of the firm, begins his legal private practice in Panama City.
First Secretary of Public Instruction
Julio J. Fábrega serves as the first Secretary of Public Instruction (now Ministry of Education) of the newly independent Republic of Panama.
Arias & Fábrega
Arias & Fábrega is established with the partnership of Julio J. Fábrega and Harmodio Arias M.
Codifying Commission
Harmodio Arias Madrid and Julio J. Fábrega have a leading role in the Codifying Commission that submitts to the Legislature drafts of the Civil, Commerce, Criminal, Judicial, Mining, Administrative and Tax Codes.
Harmodio Arias Madrid, deputy to the National Assembly
Harmodio Arias Madrid, as deputy to the National Assembly, promotes Law 32 of 1927 on corporations, still in force with some modifications, and Law 8 of 1925 by which the merchant navy was organized.
Fábrega & Fábrega
Harmodio Arias Madrid withdraws from the firm, while Octavio Fábrega becomes a partner and the firm is then called Fábrega & Fábrega.
Establishing the University of Panama
Harmodio Arias Madrid founds the University of Panama, where all three ARIFA founders at one time or another teach law.
Arias-Roosevelt Treaty
The Arias-Roosevelt Treaty (first major revision of the Hay-Bunau Varilla Treaty), also known as the General Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation, was signed in 1936 and ratified by the American Congress in 1939.
Arias, Fábrega & Fábrega
Harmodio Arias M. completes his pesidential term and returns to the firm. The name Arias, Fábrega & Fábrega is established.
Minister of Foreign Affairs during World War II
Octavio Fábrega López serves as Minister of Foreign Affairs during the very difficult years of World War II.
Chief negotiator of the Remón-Eisenhower Treaty

Remón-Eisenhower Treaty
Dr. Octavio Fábrega López is the chief negotiator of the Remón-Eisenhower Treaty.
Minister of Finance and Treasury
Gilberto Arias Guardia serves as Minister of Finance and Treasury during the administrations of Presidents Ernesto de la Guardia (1956-1960) and Roberto F. Chiari (1960-1964).
Alternate Judge of Superior Labor Court
Roy Carlos Durling Cordones serves as Alternate Judge of Superior Labor Court.
Contributing to the growth of the National Merchant Marine
Eduardo de Alba has an active participation in the drafting of important reforms and additions made to the Panamanian merchant marine law and the maritime legislation. Read more...
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Fernando Cardoze Fábrega serves as Minister of Foreign Affairs during the administration of President Nicolás Ardito Barletta.
The Panama Canal transition
ARIFA lawyers play a significant role in the transition of the Panama Canal to Panama. Read more...
Trusts and private interest foundations law
Gabriel Galindo Arias and LeRoy Wilbur Watson III have outstanding participation in the drafting of laws on trusts and private interest foundations, still in force with some modifications.
Director of Air Transportation
Sofía J. Cohen serves as Director of Air Transportation of the Civil Aviation Authority of Panama.
New securities legislation
Ricardo M. Arango prepares and manages the adoption of a securities legislation in tune with the demands of a developing stock market, with the approval of Decree Law 1 of 1999, in force today. Read more...

ARIFA structures the first securitizations of credit card receivables, remittances, export trade receivables, residential mortgages and toll-road payments in Panama.
Octavio Amat serves as Alternate Judge of the First Appellate Court of Justice, Civil Branch.
Chief Trade Negotiator of free trade agreements
Estif Aparicio is appointed Chief Trade Negotiator of all bilateral and multilateral free trade agreements of the Republic of Panama during the administration of President Martín Erasto Torrijos Espino. Read more...
ICAO Third Air Services Negotiation Conference
Sofía J. Cohen is appointed Chief Negotiator of the Delegation of the Republic of Panama at the ICAO Third Air Services Negotiation Conference.
Notables Commission
Octavio Amat is appointed member of a high level commission of jurists in charge of reviewing and recommending amendments to the Constitution during the administration of President Ricardo Martinelli.
Improving public transportation system
ARIFA leads in the multiple financings for the first line, its expansion, and the second line of the Panama City Metro. ARIFA also contributes the new Metro Bus and Panama's road reorganization project.
Protecting Panama’s international services
Gian Castillero serves as member of the High Level Committee appointed by the Government of the Republic of Panama for the protection of its international services; and member of the National Council of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Panama.
Director of the Panama Canal Authority
Ricardo M. Arango is appointed member of the Board of Directors of the Panama Canal Authority, coinciding with the opening of the expansion of the third set of locks. Mr. Augusto R. Arosemena serves as Secretary of Commerce and Industries of the Republic of Panama during the administration of President Juan Carlos Varela.

Growing international air connectivity
ARIFA advises in the historical delivery of Copa Airlines' 100th airplane.
Law 50 of June 28, 2017
Jorge Loaiza III plays an important role in the creation of Law 50 of June 28, 2017, which provides a new incentive regime for maritime financing entities and maritime projects.